20 8 / 2013

The other day I was happily browsing the internet, when I came accross something that would change my life forever. I really didn’t expect it, it was so small and so humble, yet an absolute lifechanger: maple butter!!! Yes, you heard it right: it’s butter flavoured with maple syrup!!!! My two favourite flavours ever, put into one single spread! Pure genius!!!

I instantly contacted Farrah, the mastermind behind Moose Maple Butter, and asked where I could buy this amazing spread. She instantly responded and suggested we meet up instead and she’d tell me all about her maple butter. So we met a few days later in a bar in Soho and had a lovely, inspirational chat. You see, Farrah is actually a lawyer. She likes being a lawyer and all, but she’s recently decided to throw herself into this crazy little foodbusiness, by making maple butter. Thumbs up girl!

Farrah told me that the idea for maple butter came completely out of the blue. She was at a breakfast meeting in New York and ordering toast. Now, she wanted something sweet to put on her toast, but had recently sworn off eaten processed sugars. What is a girl to do?! Well, Farrah, being the genius that she is, then ordered butter and a drizzle of maple syrup (unprocessed sugar), and combined the two. As they melted together on her toast, she knew she was onto something… And damn, yes she was! Farrah then went home to experiment making her own, proper maple butter, experimenting with the perfect ingredients (all organic) and right temperatures of both butter and maple syrup, so that they would come together without splitting. She’s now got the formula perfectly right and is about to roll out her heavenly Moose Maple Butter nationwide from November. So, keep an eye out for Moose Maple Butter, the most perfect spread to start your day with!

More info on http://www.moosemaple.co.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/MooseMapleButter

08 8 / 2013

I’m at the moment seriously suffering from itchy feet - to go travelling and eating lots and lots of great food. Still, I’m stuck in London (ok, it could be worse) and need to wait for a few more months before I can board a plane towards exciting places again. So you can imagine my delight when, instead of going to Italy, Italy came to me! In form of a box!

Yes, Italy in a Box is this lovely new service that sends selected Italian produce to people in the UK. Every month you can receive a box that contains goodies like this one. Mine was filled with the following delights:

  • Extra virgin Olive oil from Puglia
  • Onion marmelade from Sicily
  • Parmesan cheese from Modena
  • Arborio risotto rice from Piedmont
  • A pistachio nougat from Cremona
  • Saffron strands from the Montefeltro in the Marche region

It really brought summery Italian nights right to my doorstep, and has managed to appease my travel longing for a bit…

If you want to find out more about Italy in a Box, check out their website www.italyinabox.co.uk

15 7 / 2013

I really like smoothies. You see, I’m one of the lazy kind, the one who rushes to work in the morning without breakfast and almost always forgetting my lunchbox. Usually I’d stop at a coffee shop on the way and take away a cup of Joe. Most often, I’d also pick up a smoothie - because it’s such a convenient way to clear my conscience for not eating enough fruit.

My vegetable intake’s not that great either. I will definitely never get a brownie badge for fulfilling the government’s “eat your 5 a day” mantra. 2-3 a day is more my target.

So when I found out about the Savse smoothies - a smoothie combining both fruit and veg - I was intrigued. Their idea is to get you to “drink your greens”, pretty clever I’d say. They have a whole range of interesting flavour combinations, my favourite is the one with mango, carrot, passion fruit, pineapple and yoghurt. You really can’t taste the carrot, but it gives this smoothie its lovely orange colour.

A smoothie that completely surprised me was the green smoothie. Made with Broccoli, Pear, Spinach, Kale, Kiwi, Lemons and Banana, I had my doubts whether I’d enjoy this one. Too green. Too veggie. But it actually tasted completely lovely. Don’t sniff it though, it does smell a lot of broccoli - but doesn’t taste of it at all. Instead, the pear, kiwi, banana and lemon really shine through. A revelation.

If you want to find out more about these hybrid veggie smoothies, check out their website http://www.savsesmoothies.com

27 5 / 2013

Back from an amazing weekend in Berlin, where I attended the awesome  blogging conference The Hive. If you’re a blogger and you haven’t heard of it, you need to check it out! It’s full of inspirational talks and workshops - all dealing with central blogging themes

After teaching a food photography workshop last year, I decided to take it easy this year and check out what others have to share.

I really enjoyed the energetic “How to monetize your blog” talk by Desiree of Vosgesparis, a real rockstar on stage – not only because of her ace leather jacket. It was also nice to hear Deborah Beau of Kickcan & Conkers talk about how to grow your community. But foremost it was amazing meeting the inspiring Dietlind Wolf, who gave us an insight into her styling workflow. It was really nice to see how playful, yet organized, she approaches every shoot.

The real pleasure of returning to The Hive was to reconnect with some great bloggers though, some of whom have become real friends by now. On that note a big wave to Thea and Toni of Sistermag, Yvonne who’s organized The Hive, Ina - the best media law specialist out there, Anna Sternthaler, Jillian of Jillian in Italy, Jenni Fuchs of Museum Diary and also nice to meet Mia, who I’ve been following on Instagram for a while. Oh and a big hola to Jael of The Sweetest Brunch, who was my partner in crime for the entire weekend!

20 5 / 2013

It may sound super clichéd, but the one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is a great cup of coffee! In fact, the first thing I bought from my first paid job after uni was a coffee maker - and I’m still using the same machine today, 5 years later.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive a box full of organic fair trade coffee from Puro! I had never heard of this brand, but had, unknowingly, probably consumed quite a few cups of their excellent brew (every National Trust Site serves their coffee, as well as Gourmet Burger Kitchen and lots of other well-known shops in the UK).

As well as tasting really good, the coffee also does some good! Money from each bag of Puro coffee sold goes towards buying and protecting areas of rainforest vital for biodiversity in coffee producing countries. To date, consumers of Puro coffee have enabled the following:

8511  acres of rainforest to be bought and protected, 14 new species to be discovered and named by science (1 tree, 12 orchids & 1 frog) and 1 guard (Luis) to be employed full time to protect the reserve in Ecuador from poachers and loggers.

Watch their beautiful video to get a better idea of what they do:


And check out their lovely website for more information:


09 5 / 2013

Do you also get super excited by discovering new ingredients and food products? I have to admit I suffer from the discovering-something-new-addiction, it’s just so much fun. I usually rummage the shelves in supermarkets and in little food shops, but how great would it be to get new fantastic products sent to your home?

I did just experience this a few weeks ago, when the lovely people being the Foodies Larder sent me one of their monthly Food Hampers. It’s basically a box stuffed with the most amazing Spanish products.

Nick and Alejandra select products from the Spanish countryside (think organic markets and artisan producers who are creating high quality produce in sustainable ways) and pack a selection of their best finds into their monthly hampers. I have to say the quality of all the products was remarkable.

In my box I received the following:

  • Savory crackers stuffed with goats cheese: perfect to nibble on with a glass of wine. I really liked the texture, which is crispy on the outside and then you’re surprised by a soft goats cheese centre.
  • Goats cheese: This cheese comes from the queseria Villuercas, a chesemaker in the Extermadura region of spain. It’s a hard goats cheese with a mild aroma. I shaved some of it over grilled asparagus, which was delicious.
  • Palm Honey: This ‘honey’ is made from the sap of palm trees. It’s a traditional produce of the Canary Island of La Gomera. Even though it’s called ‘honey’, it tastes more of mollasses and reminded me slightly of Thai ketjap manis. It’s deep, caramelized flavour works really well in combination with the goats cheese that was in the hamper. Also, the guys from Foodies Larder suggest to eat it with fried aubergines, as you can see here in their lovely video: http://www.thefoodieslarder.co.uk/recipes/vegetarian/crispy-aubergine-slices-with-palm-honey/
  • Extra virgin olive oil infused with basil: Need I say anything about this?! Amaaaaazing!
  • Chorizo flavoured salt: Now this is pretty genius! It’s like a smoked salt, but pimped with the depth of flavour of Spanish chorizo. The salt is from Biomaris, a producer based near the Portuguese border, specializing in the extraction of sea salt since 1955.
  • Oraganic chocolate truffles: These delicious truffles are made by a small family business called Mama Ines. They use organic chocolate and Spanish almonds to make these truffles, and they’re really pretty amazing.

It’s really quite amazing what you can discover in The Foodies Larder boxes, and really exciting to wait for your next box. I actually think this makes for pretty great present too. 

So, a big thumbs up to this exciting foodie initiative!


20 4 / 2013

Fernweh - the longing to travel. After reading this article, it’s definitely Fernweh time for me… Glorious street food from around the globe, rounded up by Lonely Planet.

16 4 / 2013

Last weekend I had a great time filming at the Cake International show in London. Besides meeting the lovely Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, I encountered the strangest cakes - cut-off zombie feet cake anyone?!

28 3 / 2013

This is awesome, hot dogs, burgers, fries, bagels, fish and chips and meatball spaghetti - ALL CAKES!!! http://www.foodiecakes.co.uk

This is awesome, hot dogs, burgers, fries, bagels, fish and chips and meatball spaghetti - ALL CAKES!!!

27 1 / 2013

Love my Kyocera ceramic knife - so sharp it cuts through anything as smoothly as cutting through butter. Just watch those fingers…!

Love my Kyocera ceramic knife - so sharp it cuts through anything as smoothly as cutting through butter. Just watch those fingers…!